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Cube Gas, Heating & Plumbing


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Cube Gas Heating & Plumbing offer Gas insulation/repairs to Estate & Letting agents and also private landlords.

With our team of experienced engineers we can offer a range of Cover options as well as Emergency Repairs for both Homeowners and Landlords.

Life changing – really? – Well OK, maybe we won’t change your life like google, the internet or mobile phones have – but perhaps more like sliced bread, the small things that just make life better!

So why do we feel we deserve the grand accolade that Cube is the best thing since sliced bread and can we really make your life better? You could argue that we fit the same boilers as everybody else and our gas certificates comply to the same legal requirement as British gas or Big Baz the one man band from the pub – so how do we make your life better?

Well we can only make your life better if you have an issue to start with, for example you have arrived at our site for a reason, so click on one of the sections below that you’re thinking about booking and you will be given a list of benefits and differentiators that make our service and systems different. In the words of Carlsberg “probably the best plumbing and heating company to deal with in the world”.Carlsberg obviously don’t own a Gas, Heating and Plumbing Company but if they did it would probably be Cube Gas Heating & Plumbing.

Landlord Gas certificates “No honestly, you don’t pay for all these extra services, we appreciate the guaranteed work every year so we do these extras for free”

Boiler Installation “Yes we fit boilers with a 7 or 10 year manufacturers guarantee”

Cube – simply different.