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Back in 2000, two friends created an online platform for buying and selling spare things. They designed it as a community website, to help people like themselves to settle in a new city.

Today, almost two decades on, Gumtree is the number one classifieds site in the UK, used by one in four adults every month[1]. On top of buying and selling everyday items, our users can also discover:

dream jobs, vehicles and properties
tutors and mentors
clubs and classes.
As the world evolves, so do we. We now offer a tailored experience to job seekers and recruiters, perfect for today’s flexible jobs market. Plus we’re one of the biggest private motors markets in the UK.

As a classifieds platform, we are with our users’ safety. We have a sophisticated system for screening ads, finding inaccuracies and encouraging best practice. While our (new in 2018) user ratings tool means anybody who uses the sale category on Gumtree knows more about who they’re dealing with. We’ve also joined forces with Government and enforcement agencies to improve cyber security and help people to enjoy a great online experience.

And that’s not it. We’re determined to become a top 10 digital destination in the UK, and help more people find opportunities to improve their lives through Gumtree.