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Gas Jack Plumbing and Heating Ltd


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Founded by Director Jack Bellingham in 2015, GasJack has worked to build a strong brand image based on the quality of our work and services. Since taking on our first job, we have steadily become known for having the most responsive plumbers in Plymouth and for providing an exceptional service to our customers. We have gradually increased the amount of staff we employ and diversified our skill pool to make sure that there isn’t a single aspect of any job we undertake that we aren’t experienced experts in handling.

Having a look at the work displayed on our website will hopefully give you some idea of the level of expertise and dedication that our team puts into every job for every customer. Our work also carries a standard 12 month warranty, just in case something unforeseen happens. The only exception to this is our amazing Boiler Installation Service, which provides an outstanding 10 year warranty; something you won’t find anywhere else!