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GetBoilers.co.uk is part of the Trusted Local Suppliers network of websites. Trusted Local Suppliers has been helping home owners to compare home improvement & understand different funding options since 2005.

We remove the complexity and hassle consumers face whenever they need to source good companies to carry out work in their homes.

99% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with the service they receive
99.5% of our customers think gasboilbers.org is easy to use
As Trusted Local Suppliers grows it’s client base the percentage of people coming back to us looking for quotes for different home improvements is increasing by the day.

A Fast Service
On registering your quote request, we will be in contact with you within 15 minutes some cases to discuss your requirements in detail.

A Responsible Service
All boiler companies on the Trusted Local Suppliers network must be Gas Safe registered and pass our strict credit checks to become a member of the network.

A Free Service
GetBoilers.co.uk provides a totally free service. You are under no obligation to purchase a product from a company who quotes for your business.