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Premier Heating Solutions


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From our offices in Pangbourne our friendly, customer focused team offer a wide range of services from general plumbing and heating to full commercial works. Whether you’re a landlord, home or business owner we can offer services tailored around your needs.

Local business, large benefits.
It’s easy to appreciate the benefits of a local business. Accountability, value for money and being able to put a name to the face. However, sometimes manpower and structure make for a more flexible and efficient service. At Premier Heating Solutions we strive to offer our clients the best of both. We combine a friendly, professional, personal approach with the structure, flexibility and efficiency of a corporate company.

Clear Communication.
It’s a sad reality that in the construction industry all too often customers end up feeling like the service they have received is poor. We are acutely aware of this and feel that a large part of this problem is due to a lack of clear communication. It’s our responsibility as the experts to not only make sure each job is finished to a professional standard, but to also present all the appropriate information first. This allows for an informed decision to be made based on all the options available. Our office staff and engineers are here to answer any questions that you may have before, during and after the works have been carried out.

We don’t believe in no shows!
We can’t promise that our engineers won’t ever get stuck in a traffic jam or run over at a previous job, but what we can do is promise to keep you informed and call you in advance if this ever becomes a reality. Just like many of our larger competitors our vehicles have state of the art tracking systems so you’ll be the first to know if there’s a problem. To help keep your day running smoothly all our jobs are booked within a one hour slot, which allows us a level of flexibility and you the option to plan your day around your appointment.