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Ravenheat Manufacturing Ltd


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Founded in 1987, Ravenheat is an independent boiler manufacturer with head offices, R&D and training facilities in Leeds. We also have our own manufacturing operations at two sites in Verona, Italy, which gives us full control over the process of designing and producing our products to the highest standards possible. With an annual production capacity of 80,000 units, we are no strangers to manufacturing reliable boilers whilst keeping costs to a minimum. We’re also experts in high efficiency, having developed our first condensing boilers back in 1996 – long before they became compulsory in the UK.

Culminating with Ravenheat OpenTherm boiler package which provides more precise control directly from the room thermostat to the boiler’s software which operates the gas valve and modulating central heating pump. This allows the precise gas input requirement to match the varying demand signal i.e. if the house needs to be one degree warmer the control tells the boiler it can start at lower power. By reducing the flow temperature to a minimum of the heat required, the flow temperature is kept below the dew point (50°C), thus allowing the boiler to operate in condensing mode which is more efficient.

As well as being successful in the UK, we are also seeing an increase in demand for our products right across Europe, as both consumers and installers look for more affordable ways to upgrade to high efficiency.