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Zeetec Ltd.


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We would like to introduce the most effective central heating boiler filter available in the market. The filter collects any rubbish that is in the heating system. The filtration level within does not even let tiny Microscopic particles to go through back into the boiler.

Other major brands out there in the market who are said to be the pioneers of central heating boiler filters are not completely effective in protecting the boiler from clogging up. The race is all about who can provide the ‘biggest’ and ‘most powerful’ magnet within the filter. The main job of a central heating boiler filter is to stop any form of unwanted material to enter into the boiler. With a big and powerful magnet you can very well stop the magnetic particle, but what about the non magnetic material that can still clog up the boiler?

At Zeetec Ltd we concentrated on how to solve this crisis which is damaging boilers and making them less effective throughout the nation. After years of research and testing we have come with a solution where we position the magnet within a very fine strainer. Whatever microscopic metallic material can get past the very fine holes of the mesh will then be caught by the magnet. With this method we are confident that your boiler will be protected from unwanted material.

We are based just off commercial road in London E1. Operating from our office we can easily arrange our products to reach any part of the UK. As a company whose biggest focus is to provide materials and products that complaints cannot be made about we will always try our upmost best to give an excellent level of customer service and resolve any queries you may have as soon as we get them.